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The special feature of TRAPA natural wood floors
Quality takes time
Before we process our wood, it is air-dried for more than a year, then mildly chamber-dried. Then a heat and pressure treatment causes the wood-inherent sugar (xylose) to caramelise. This elaborate process ensures the highest wood quality that lasts for decades – and makes TRAPA floors stable, tension-free and unconditionally suitable for commercial use.

Natural surfaces
We do not treat the wood superficially, as is usually the case, but inside the cell and pore system. Through a gentle surface treatment with lye and natural oil we preserve the good, natural properties of the wood. This keeps it warm and pleasant, open to diffusion and non-slip. Our floors are protected from wear, tear and soiling and are recommended for allergies.

Sustainable, regional, durable
All TRAPA woods come from sustainably managed, PEFC-certified forests in Central Europe. We manufacture all products entirely in the Austrian TRAPA workshops and guarantee ecologically sustainable natural floors with long durability.

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